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R intro seminars, take 2: some slides about data frames, linear models and statistical graphics

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I am doing a second installment of the lunch seminars about data analysis with R for the members of the Wright lab. It’s pretty much the same material as before — data frames, linear models and some plots with ggplot2 — but I’ve sprinkled in some more exercises during the seminars. I’ve tried emphasising scripting a bit more than last time, and made a lot of use of RStudio. Going through this first part has taken four hours, but that includes each seminar a quick review of what we did last time and lots of questions. Next week we’ll get started on gene expression microarray data, and I’ll try introducing both limma and plyr.

(My previous introduction materials are posted here. Comments, suggestions and ideas about teaching R to biologists are always welcome!)

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7 november, 2013 at 17:38

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