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Last year in Marseille and the EBM18 book

The EBM in Marseille was about a year ago (September 2014), but I don’t mind a bit of blog anachronism. I post this from the European Society for Evolutionary Biology conference in Lausanne. If you happen to be here, you … Läs mer

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@sweden recap

So, a couple of weeks ago I tweeted from the @sweden account. This is a short recap of some things that were said, and a few links that I promised people. Overall I think it went pretty well. I didn’t … Läs mer

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Paper: ”Mixed ancestry and admixture in Kauai’s feral chickens: invasion of domestic genes into ancient Red Junglefowl reservoirs”

We have a new paper almost out (now in early view) in Molecular Ecology about the chickens on the Pacific island Kauai. These chickens are pretty famous for being everywhere on the island. Where do they come from? If you … Läs mer

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Morning coffee: cost per genome

I recently heard this thing referred to as ”the most overused slide in genomics” (David Klevebring). It might be: what it shows is some estimate of the cost of sequencing a human genome over time, and how it plummets around … Läs mer

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R in genomics @ SciLifeLab, Solna

Dear diary, I went to the Stockholm R useR group meetup on R in genomics at the Stockholm node of SciLifeLab. It was nice. If I had worked a bit closer I would attend meetups all the time. I even … Läs mer

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Finding the distance from ChIP signals to genes

I’ve had a couple of months off from blogging. Time for some computer-assisted biology! Robert Griffin asks on Stack Exchange about finding the distance between HP1 binding sites and genes in Drosophila melanogaster.  We can get a rough idea with … Läs mer

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Journal club of one: ”Genome-wide association of foraging behavior in Drosophila melanogaster fails to support large-effect alleles at the foraging gene” (preprint)

This preprint was posted on bioRxiv and Haldane’s sieve. It tells the story of one of the best known genetic variants affecting behaviour, the foraging gene in Drosophila melanogaster. for is still a nice example of a large-effect variant causing … Läs mer

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